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BABEL by Jacqueline Goldfinger was presented as Lucy's capstone production in the John Wells Directing Program at CMU. 

Set in a not-so-distant-future where procreation has become a little more complicated. Embryos must be pre-certified, and the quest for perfection is teetering dangerously close to the ethical edge. In this dark, sci-fi comedy Lucy explored how far we might go in the pursuit of societal acceptance before we lose our humanity.



Director- Lucy Murphy

Dramaturg- Eliza Hallinan

Costume Design- Izzy Kitch

Lighting Design- Ariel Bernhard

Sound Design- Pan-Pan Gou

Media Design- Kolton Cotton

Intimacy Director- Judith Ann Conte

Production Manager- Melissa Lubina

Stage Manager- Gaby Fonseca Luna

Assistant Stage Manager- Nat Lawton

Assistant Production Manager- Hadley Holcomb

Assistant Scenic Designer- Kejia Yu

Assistant Costume Designer- Sophie Howard

Assistant Media Designer- Jin Oh

Assistant Media Engineer- Reiley Nymeyer

Job Lead- Sophie Rodriguez



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